Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. is striving to improve the effectiveness of the Board of Directors, which is the linchpin of governance, by engaging in lively debate during which a diverse group of outside directors with a plethora of experience and knowledge voice their opinions. Furthermore, once a year, the effectiveness of the Board is assessed through questionnaires distributed to directors and discussions by the Board. In addition to questionnaires, the objectivity of the effectiveness assessment was ensured by having a third-party assess and analyze questionnaire responses, which are then discussed by mainly outside directors.

Effectiveness Assessment

Assessment Methods

Assessment Result Summary

The TEPCO Board of Directors has been deemed effective because it is comprised of a suitable number of diverse members, allows free debate, has been ranked highly through questionnaires in continuation from FY2020, and because there have been no serious issues pointed out with the Board.

Questions for which responses improved Questions for which responses worsened
  • Addressing risks such as by providing information pertaining to significant risk
  • Board director are proactively speaking out
  • Analysis and reflection in business plans of monitoring results and debates concerning mid/long-term strategies
  • Time allocation by the Board of Directors
  • Support for executives to enable quick decision-making
  • Holding of discussions pertaining to strategies for improving earning power

Status of Initiatives to Address Issues

In continuation from last fiscal year, during FY2021, the following initiatives were undertaken based upon the issues identified during the effectiveness assessment.

The Board of Directors will continue to make further improvements as it strives to improve effectiveness.

Issues identified during FY2020 Status of FY2021 initiative
  • Further develop discussions pertaining to mid/long-term strategies and strategies for improving earning power.
  • Have the Board of Directors get reports on, and hold discussions pertaining to, the progress with achieving goals put forth in the business plan.
  • Provide more information on risk to the Board of Directors.
  • Provide risk information to the Board of Directors as needed and have the board continually discuss significant risks in particular.
  • Strengthen supervisory functions for the nuclear power division.
  • Share the latest information about the nuclear power business as necessary.
  • Create opportunities for outside directors to visit TEPCO facilities.
  • Enable outside directors to visit TEPCO facilities and exchange opinions with employees in the field.

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