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The Global Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 presented us with a situation it had never experienced before and requiring large changes to industry structures and social norms. In order to continue to be sustainable in this post-Covid 19 world, the TEPCO Group will contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its business activities as we pioneer the future of energy so as to enable everyone to live comfortably with peace of mind.

Contributing to Achieving Decarbonized Society

The TEPCO Group has set the objective of reducing CO2 emissions originating from the sale of electricity to our customers by 50% of FY2013 levels by FY2030. In order to create decarbonized society, we will promote the use of renewables as primary energy sources while also engaging in activities to promote understanding amongst siting communities, and society as a whole, about the role that nuclear power production plays in contributing to the reduction of CO2, and about how ensuring safety is a prerequisite for plant operation. The TEPCO Group perceives the expectation that electrification will lead to decarbonization as a business opportunity. For eco-friendly companies, we propose an optimal mix of renewable electricity provided by the TEPCO Group and the self-consumption of electricity generated by solar power facilities owned by these companies, while also continuing initiatives aimed at social change, such as increasing the use of electric vehicles and building infrastructure for them.

Creating a Resilient Society

In the wake of Typhoon Faxai in 2019 much time was required to restore power, and the lengthy blackouts greatly inconvenienced many communities. We aim to leverage the lessons learned from this experience to create a resilient society. To achieve this, we are employing the latest technologies, such as drones, etc., implementing power equipment countermeasures that leverage digital transformation (DX), and establishing quick repair teams in addition to providing society with new value in the form of preparedness solutions so that we are ready for large-scale disasters.

Proactively Disclosing Information and Promoting Engagement

In order to improve corporate value through ESG management, what is necessary first and foremost are proactive information disclosure and engagement. Going forward, we will continue to address various types of indices, further develop the Integrated Report and engage with stakeholders, such as investors. I was appointed ESG Officer in April. While balancing the company’s legacy of providing a stable supply of energy to the Tokyo Metropolitan area with new challenges, such as decarbonization and resilience, under my leadership we will create value over the long-term as a company that contributes to achieving SDGs and solving social issues.

September, 2020
Managing Executive Officer
Momoko Nagasaki

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