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as of the end of March 2015

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Corporate Information

Electricity is the essential energy to support economic and cultural activities. TEPCO will play an important role in our society by generating and supplying power. TEPCO will also positively utilize accumulated technology and experience, fostering environmental improvements.

Investor Relations

We provide the latest management information for shareholders and investors.


TEPCO is supporting a research and development (R&D) program aimed at providing guaranteed safety. Furthermore, the company's R&D will increase efficiency while enhancing the services essential to prosperity, as the liberalization of electricity markets progresses.


We provide the latest information about our Environmental and Social initiatives and our Corporate Governance.

Overseas Relations

TEPCO has been utilizing its advanced technological expertise and managerial resources to vigorously expand its interests throughout the world, with the aim of further expanding and developing the Company by creating new overseas business opportunities.


TEPCO is determined to transcend national borders to expand procurement opportunities to domestic and overseas manufacturers alike. TEPCO intends to procure more economical and high-quality materials and services and to build up good trade.

Power Supply Facilities

TEPCO strives continually to develop and construct the electric power facilities needed to deliver the required electricity in a stable, economic, and environmentally friendly way, through the optimum mix of oil, nuclear, LNG (liquefied natural gas), coal,

TEPCO Illustrated

TEPCO discloses various data on our business.
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