Waste materials resulting from the decommissioning work are sorted based on their radiation levels and are stored on the premises of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. Along with strict safety measures and studies on treatment and disposal methods, a solid waste storage management plan is drawn up based on waste generation forecasts for around the next ten years, so that measures to deal with waste materials will be carried out effectively. The storage management plan is updated once a year, while reviewing the waste generation forecasts, taking account of progress of the decommissioning work.

Waste Storage Management Plan

To minimize the impact of radiation outside the power station premises, priority is given to moving rubble and other materials with high impact on radiation levels at the site boundary to indoor storage. In addition, every possible effort is being made to reduce the amount of waste materials, such as by burning combustibles and reducing the volume of metal and concrete.

Status of waste storage

As of June 2018

Planned waste materials-related facilities (illustration)

Planned waste materials-related facilities (illustration)

Construction is proceeding on new waste materials-related facilities on the north side of the power station site.

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