Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as TEPCO) is seeking new suppliers of inventory goods for distribution. Potential suppliers who wish to do business with us, please apply according to the following description.

Inventory goods for distribution are applicable to TEPCO's supplier registration system. Each supplier and supplier's product must be approved by TEPCO and registered before a purchase can take place. Suppliers of inventory goods for distribution must pass type-approval inspection in accordance with procedures and methods determined by TEPCO. Passing this inspection is a prerequisite for the registration. After your company and your company's product have passed the type approval inspection, your company will be registered as a supplier of the product.
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1. Items TEPCO is seeking new suppliers

Category Items Specifications
Wire and Cable 600V DV wire Standard Specifications(196KB)
600V CVQ cable Standard Specifications(192KB)
6600V CVT cable Standard Specifications(219KB)
600V CV cable Standard Specifications(278KB)
6600V SN-ACSR-OE wire Standard Specifications(314KB)
6600V SN-ACSR/AC-OE wire Standard Specifications(502KB)
6600V SN-HAl-OC wire Standard Specifications(313KB)
6600V Jumper Wire (IJP) Standard Specifications(162KB)
Hardware Light cross arms Standard Specifications(641KB)
Bands Standard Specifications(519KB)
Strong Bands Standard Specifications(600KB)
Stainless steel flexible bands Standard Specifications(376KB)
Straps Standard Specifications(438KB)
Step bolt Standard Specifications(341KB)
Cable band Standard Specifications(490KB)
Terminal joint suspension arm Standard Specifications(366KB)
Riser cable supporting band Standard Specifications(261KB)
Upper T-shaped arm auxiliary bracket Standard Specifications(145KB)
Insulator High-voltage pin type insulator Standard Specifications(146KB)
Miscellaneous item Plastic molding for grounding Standard Specifications(392KB)
Connecting-type grounding rod lead terminal and driving tool Standard Specifications(675KB)
Tube type vine guard Standard Specifications(283KB)
Branch Line Plastic Guard Standard Specifications(553KB)
Winding Grip Standard Specifications(489KB)
Galvanized Steel-twisted Wire Standard Specifications(106KB)

2. How to apply

Please submit following information and documents by E-mail.

  • Necessary Information and Documents
    Name of items you wish to apply, contact information (Phone number and E-mail address), your company's latest brochure, product catalogue, securities report and financial statements (or any equivalent documents such as annual report)
  • E-mail Address:

3. Inquiry

  • *

    Please note that for inquiries made on weekends and holidays will be responded after the following business day.

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