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On Reaching an Agreement with Partner Companies on Balancing Recovery with Decommissioning

April 27, 2022

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.

In March 2020, we published our Promises to the People of Fukushima to Balance Recovery with Decommissioning in which we pledged to invigorate decommissioning-related industries in the local community, create jobs, and develop technologies to ensure that positive effects ripple out into other regions and industries.
We are pleased to announce we have reached agreements with multiple partner companies who have high technical capabilities and share our vision in our efforts to balance recovery with decommissioning.

To create a hub for the decommissioning industry in the Hamadori region of Fukushima Prefecture, we have been increasing the involvement of local companies, stepping up support and working to create new industries in the region. In creating new industries, we are aiming to develop and manufacture core decommissioning products in the Hamadori region and attracting companies with highly technical capabilities located outside of the prefecture to the region.
As a concrete step toward this goal, we have reached basic agreements with partner companies on establishing two new companies.
·[Tentative name] Fuel Debris Retrieval Engineering Company (partner company: IHI Corporation)
·[Tentative name] Hamadori Plant for Decommissioning-Related Products (partner company: Hitachi Zosen Corporation)

We have also signed a business collaboration contract with Jacobs in the US that has expertise in decommissioning abroad to strengthen our decommissioning project management capabilities.

Facilities and equipment will be gradually built within and outside of station premises to conduct development, design, manufacturing, operations, storage and recycling for decommissioning at Hamadori. In addition to the facilities related to the above companies, radioactive materials analysis and research facility, fuel debris-related facility, cooperative companies building, spent fuel storage facility, waste storage facility, metal melting facility and other facilities will be built in the area.
Through these efforts, TEPCO will contribute to the economy, jobs market, talent development of Hamadori while also safely and steadily decommissioning the plant, and do our utmost to balance recovery with decommissioning with the cooperation of the people of the region.


【Overview of the [Tentative name] Fuel Debris Retrieval Engineering Company】

【Overview of the [Tentative name]Hamadori Plant for Decommissioning-Related Products】

【Business collaboration contract for strengthening decommissioning project management capabilities】

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