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Today's Electricity Supply-Demand Forecast and Request for Continued Cooperation with Using Electricity Efficiently

March 23, 2022

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.
TEPCO Power Grid, Inc.

We would like to once again convey our deep gratitude to all customers within TEPCO Power Grid Inc.'s (hereinafter referred to as, "TEPCO PG") service area*, and society as a whole, for their cooperation yesterday (March 22) with saving electricity amidst the tight power supply-demand situation. We would also like to thank private power suppliers that increased output and businesses that helped to suppress demand, as well as members of the media that helped to spread the word about saving electricity, and officials from the government and related agencies.

Thanks to your cooperation we were able to avoid power outages, and also pump water into the upper regulation reservoirs of pumped-storage hydroelectric power stations from last night through this morning. This has allowed us to increase the amount of remaining electricity that can be generated by pumped-storage hydroelectric power stations to 51% (as of 10 AM today), and considering the current weather forecast, we predict that we have secured sufficient supply.

However, some power stations in eastern Japan are still shut down as a result of the earthquake that occurred off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture on March 16, and the weather in the days to come may once again result in a tight supply-demand situation.
We would like to ask our customers in TEPCO's service area for their cooperation with using electricity efficiently, such as by turning off unnecessary lighting and limiting use of appliances, to the point where it does not hinder your daily living.

<Electricity usage forecast in TEPCO's service area for March 23>

Peak supply 46.300MW
Peak demand [Time: 9 Am~10 AM] 43.420MW
Usage rate【A little tight】 93%

※ Today's peak demand is forecasted to be between 9 AM ~10 AM, so actual figures have been noted.

* TEPCO's service area
Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Yamanashi, Shizuoka (east of Fujikawa) prefectures and the Tokyo metropolitan area

-Please check the following portal site for information on how to conserve energy and use electricity efficiently.
METI Agency for Natural Resources and Energy's Energy Conservation Portal Site (in Japanese only)

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