Wind Power

From times of antiquity the wind has been used to power windmills and sailing vessels. The principle of wind power production is simple. Wind is used to turn a windmill (propeller) that is directly connected to a generator that produces electricity. Wind power production technology has developed in recent years and costs have been reduced in conjunction with the increase in size of equipment. This has enabled economical power production if the conditions, such as wind conditions, are favorable.

In August 2015, Higashi Izu wind power station which is TEPCO’s first wind farm started its operation at Higashi Izu town and Kawazu town, Kamo district, Shizuoka Prefecture.
In January 2019, the offshore wind power station off the coast of Choshi, Chiba Prefecture, which has been used since August 2009 for testing and research, became TEPCO’s first offshore wind power station to be put into commercial operation. Going forward we aim to further expand our wind power business.

Offshore Choshi

Choshi Offshore



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