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How to Apply for Commencement of Electricity Service

Please try the following four steps at your new home.

If the electricity does not turn on after completing the above operations or if the application form for usage of electricity is not found at your home, please contact us.
If the electricity does not turn on, we will soon send a TEPCO service staff to your home.

Closing Your Account

When relocating to a new residence, you will need to apply to close your account at your old residence; you may submit that application from this page.
If any of the following apply to you, we cannot accept your application over the Internet. In this case, please call your local TEPCO Customer Center.
You don't know your current customer number
You wish to have all electricity supply devices removed as part of the demolition of your building
You have power incoming installations that receive either extra high-tension or high- tension power
Please note that this form can be submitted 24 hours a day; however, service may be suspended temporarily without notice due to maintenance or other such circumstances.

Closing Your Account

  • Your bill will generally not be calculated on the same day you apply to close your account; calculation is usually done at a later date.
  • When filling out this application, please keep an Electricity Consumption Notice handy.
  • If you wish to close several accounts (e.g., meter rate lighting and late night contracts, or meter rate lighting and low wattage contracts), please submit an application for each account.

* denotes required information


AThe days on which electricity services are terminated at your old residence and commenced at your new residence do not have to be the same. Simply let us know the appropriate days when you submit the application. Your electricity bills for that month will be calculated on a per diem basis. Please complete both the electric contract cancellation and start procedures from this WEB site.

Contact Information

You can close your account when you are moving out, or you can open a new account when you are moving in, online.

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