Payment Method and How to Change your Payment Method

Payment Information

You can pay your electricity bill via the credit card payment or the account transfer payment or credit card payment. If you wish to use these payment method, please see below for instructions on how to file an application for credit card or account transfer.
Otherwise you will be required to pay your bill using a payment voucher.

This method consists of your credit card company paying your monthly electricity bill for you, and then charges you by a charge on your credit card.

Information Regarding Credit Card Companies

  • There may be a case that you are charged for two months at one time due to the timing of the credit card company's closing date for billing and the date of our meter reading or other operational reasons.
  • Payment must be made by a one-time charge.

Information Regarding TEPCO

  • Electricity contract information registered when you submit an application is indicated on your "Notice of Electricity Consumption" (meter reading card) and via our Internet services.
  • Please note that the "bank transfer discount" is not applied to credit card payment.
  • Customers having an electricity supply contract with TEPCO that is for high or special-voltage, lump-sum prior payment, or lump-sum payment for multiple contracts are excluded from this service.
  • Credit card payment will start from the first billing after acceptance of the application or the next one after.
  • You are requested to pay by the current payment method until your credit card payment starts.
  • As TEPCO will not issue bills or receipts, please confirm the charges on the credit card statement sent from your credit card company.
  • TEPCO will charge you directly to make payment by any payment method other than credit cards if your credit card company does not allow credit card payment for electricity or other bills based on your credit card company's rules or if your credit card has been canceled.
  • Please re-submit an application if your credit card number or expiration date, etc. changes.
  • If you are already paying by credit card and register a new card, completing registration of the new card will result in the billing of the former card to automatically be canceled, thereby preventing any double-billing.
  • Customers in island regions can use TEPCO Energy Partner for payments and other services.

Credit Cards Accepted

* It might not be possible to use some Japan-use only credit cards.

Application Procedures

Internet Application for Credit Card Payment (New and Changes)


  • This application is limited to the actual person contracting the electricity or someone the actual person has given permission to submit an application.
  • Follow the indications regarding the use of character types (single and double-byte, etc.) when inputting application form information. It is not necessary to enter the cardholder's name.
  • Electricity contract information registered when you submit an application is indicated on your "Notice of Electricity Consumption" (meter reading card) and via our Internet services.
  • Personal information you enter on this page is used within the scope of personal information use purposes of TEPCO.
  • You may be contacted by TEPCO personnel in order to confirm the information on your application.

If you agree with the above information, press the [ Agree ] button to move to the next screen.
To access the next and following screens, you will be transferred to the website of Cardnet, a credit card information management company contracted to provide credit card services.


AIt should normally require one to two months to complete. Please pay by your previous method until completed.

AThe credit card company of the card you have registered will be billed the monthly usage fee on the bill on the 16th of the month preceding the month in which services are provided. * The amount will be deducted from the bank account specified for your credit card on the prescribed date. The closing and deduction dates vary depending on your credit card company. Contact your credit card company for details.

We will send you the prescribed payment form that can be used to pay at a bank, post office, convenience store, or TEPCO.
Payment can be made at a convenience store on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and at night.

Payment Information

  1. The payment form (bill) should generally be delivered with a meter reading card after meter reading.
  2. Payment for electric bills and other items that are less than 1,000 yen for one month can generally be combined with the payment for the following month.
  • *

     Application varies according to your current rate plan.

  • *

     If you do not want to receive this "Electric Bill Payment Form" that is delivered every month, please contact the number listed for inquiries on your "Notice of Electricity Consumption (Meter Reading Card)" or "Electricity Bill Payment Form".

  • *

     In the case of the new plan, invoice issuance fee will be 220 yen per month.

Important Points when Paying

Do not detach the separate parts of the "Electricity Bill Payment Form", "Notice of Electricity Consumption (Meter Reading Card)" or "Electricity Bill" if paying at a bank, convenience store, or similar location. Take these in whole to the counter for payment.

Conveniences Stores Accepting Payment

  • 7-Eleven
  • Community Store
  • FamilyMart
  • Cocostore
  • Lawson
  • Seicomart (Kanto and Hokkaido areas)
  • Daily Yamazaki
  • Three Eight
  • New Yamazaki Daily Store
  • Poplar
  • Yamazaki Daily Store
  • Seikatsu Saika
  • Circle K Sankus
  • Kurashi House
  • Odakyu Mart
  • Save On
  • All Airport Mart shops

How to Read the Voucher

  1. Billing month
  2. Amount billed
  3. Consumption tax, etc.
  4. Name of person who pays the electricity bill
  5. Telephone number of TEPCO customer center
  6. Deadline for payment


AYour final bill will be delivered to your desired mailing address about one week after the last day of electricity usage.
You can pay at banks, post offices, and convenience stores all across Japan. However, it may not be possible to make a payment at certain locations.

Monthly electricity charge will be paid automatically out of your bank or post office account.
Your application for this payment method will be accepted at the following locations:
(We will send you an application form upon request.)
A bank or a post office where you have your own account



Customer Inquiries

Inquiries regarding payment

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