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Press Release (May 19,2010)
Change of the Commercial Inauguration Schedule for the Mega Solar Power Generation Project at Mt. Komekura, Yamanashi - Commercial operations to start in January 2012 in a single step -
                                                                Yamanashi Prefecture
                                              The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc.

Yamanashi Prefecture (Governor Shomei Yokouchi) and the Tokyo Electric Power Company, 
Inc. ("TEPCO", President Masataka Shimizu) today agreed to change the commercial 
inauguration schedule for the mega solar power generation project at Mt. Komekura 
in Kofu, Yamanashi, which is jointly conducted by both parties, to January 2012. 

The initial plan was to start the commercial operation of half the solar power plant 
with an output of about 5,000 kW sometime in FY 2011, followed by the commercial 
inauguration of the remaining 5,000 kW facilities by the end of FY 2013. However, 
the design and the construction processes were reviewed with a view to accelerating 
efforts toward a low-carbon society. As a result, it was decided that the two steps 
of commercial inauguration be unified into a single schedule to launch the entire 
plant in January 2012 to provide a total output of 10,000 kW.
The opening of a PR center, which will be built and operated by Yamanashi Prefecture, 
will coincide with the inauguration of the plant. 

Yamanashi is comprehensively and systematically implementing global warming initiatives 
in line with the "Yamanashi Prefecture Action Plan against Global Warming," formulated 
in March 2009. 
The present mega solar power generation project is central to this Action Plan. Taking 
advantage of its regional characteristic of having one of the highest solar irradiation 
levels in Japan, Yamanashi intends to focus even more efforts on introducing and 
promoting renewable energy sources, including solar power generation. 

TEPCO aims to increase the use of nonfossil energy sources as a means to realize a 
low-carbon society. With this goal in mind, TEPCO will continue to support the spread 
of solar power generation through various activities and will strive to build mega 
solar power plants, including those jointly planned with municipal governments. 

Appendix: Outline of the Mega Solar Power Generation Project at Yamanashi Prefecture
                                                                         (PDF 112KB)

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