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Switch off and unplug electrical appliances
One of the most deadly effects of an earthquake is fire. If you feel the tremors of an earthquake, be sure to switch off any electrical appliances you are using: irons, hair dryers, toasters, and other such heating appliances in particular should also be unplugged immediately.

When evacuating, switch circuit breakers to "off"
In an earthquake, TEPCO will continue to supply electricity as long as there are no abnormalities detected in power supply devices. If you have to evacuate, be sure to switch your circuit breakers to the "off" position to prevent any possible accidents. It is also advisable to make sure that you are always aware of the location of your distribution board.

Don't touch broken power lines
Never ever touch power lines that are loose or otherwise broken. Trees, sign boards, antennas and other items in contact with broken power lines are also very dangerous. If you see broken power lines, don't delay --- call TEPCO immediately.

Never use wet electrical appliances
Interior wiring and electrical appliances that have been exposed to water can cause short circuits and other malfunctions. They are very dangerous and should never be used. TEPCO will conduct inspections of electrical appliances in areas that have experienced flooding such as in storms; never use electrical appliances that have been exposed to water before such inspections are completed.

Better safe than sorry --- prevent appliances from falling
Be careful of where you place large appliances such as televisions and refrigerators, and fix them so that they cannot fall down. Also, never place vases or other such items on top of your television; water leaking into the television could cause a fire.

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