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Press Release (Oct 01,2012)
Request for Business Alliance Proposals

As part of the business streamlining initiatives planned in the "Comprehensive Special Business Plan", we have started accepting business alliance proposals from both domestic and overseas companies for the purpose of promoting our business reforms and developing new business operations. Today, the "Contact Center for the Business Alliance Proposal" was established on our webpage.

Specifically, we are seeking short-term (a year or more) and long-term (5 years or more) highly feasible business alliance proposals in the area of "thermal power generation", "fuel" and "retail" which can contribute to TEPCO's cost reduction and business reforms.

The received proposals shall be reviewed by the "Business Alliance Committee" (established on October 1, 2012) comprised mainly of external experts from the viewpoint of feasibility and contributions to our business reforms. Once a business alliance proposal is accepted, TEPCO and the proposer shall discuss the proposal in detail towards the conclusion of a business alliance agreement.

We will focus our collective efforts towards the implementation of the business reforms outlined in the "Comprehensive Special Business Plan" and the development of new business operations in close collaboration with external business entities.

Attachment: Overview of the Business Alliance Committee (PDF 8.82KB)
Reference: Steps towards the Conclusion of Business Alliance Agreement (PDF 11.0KB)
Announcement: Business Alliance Proposals (Japanese Only)

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