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Press Release (Jul 31,2012)
Result of CO2 Emission and CO2 Emission Factor in FY 2011

Our CO2 emission in FY2011 calculated based on the "system to calculate, report, and publicize greenhouse gas emission", etc. of the "Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures" increased by 13% compared to the previous year to 124.4 million tons.

With the Kyoto mechanism credit, etc. taken into account in the result, the adjusted CO2 emission in FY 2011 was 124.2 million tons (13% increase compared to the previous year) and the adjusted CO2 emission factor was 0.463kg-CO2/kWh (24% increase compared to the previous year).

Although electricity sales decreased in FY 2011, both the CO2 emission and the adjusted CO2 emission factor increased due to an increase in the power generated at thermal power stations as a result of the long-term shutdown of nuclear power stations.

The CO2 emission factor will be announced as the emission factor per electric utility after the government review.

Reference: "Result of CO2 emission and CO2 emission factor" and "Our target CO2 emission factor and achievement" (PDF 50.2KB)
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