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Press Release (Mar 21,2012)
Commencement of the regular inspection for Unit 6 of Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station

We would like to inform that the 10th regular inspection for Unit 6 (Advanced Boiling Water Reactor type, rated capacity: 1,356 MW) of Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station will start from March 26, 2012.

1. Planned shutdown period for the regular inspection
   March 26, 2012 - Not yet determined
   (Planned working period during the shutdown: Approx. 2.5 months)

2. Main facilities to be inspected in the regular inspection
(1) Reactor
(2) Reactor Cooling System Facilities
(3) Measurement Control System Facilities
(4) Fuel Facilities
(5) Radiation Control Facilities
(6) Waste Facilities
(7) Primary Containment Vessel Facilities
(8) Emergency Back-up Generator
(9) Steam Turbine

3. Schedule of the main construction works during the regular inspection
(1) Replacement of Fuel Assembly
   212 assemblies out of total 872 will be replaced.

(2) Replacement of the Containment Atmospheric Monitoring System*
  As maintenance and preservation of the Containment Atmospheric Monitoring System, the Hydrogen Gas Density Detector and the Oxygen Gas Density Detector will be replaced.

(3) Countermeasure against Tsunami
  As countermeasures against tsunami, the following facilities will be installed. 
   · A permanent cable from the emergency high voltage distribution board to the emergency high voltage distribution board in the reactor building
   · An alternative seawater heat exchanger
   · Top vent facilities in the reactor building

Regarding the activation of the Plant, we will closely consult the national and the local government and go through the required process.

* Containment Atmospheric Monitoring System
A monitoring system which observes the hydrogen gas density, oxygen gas density and the radiation level inside the Primary Containment Vessel (PCV).

<reference> Status of TEPCO's nuclear power plants

Fukushima Daiichi/Daini NPS
All units has been shut down due to the Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake.

Kashiwazaki Kariwa
Unit 1(1,100MW)  under periodic inspection
Unit 2(1,100MW)  under periodic inspection
Unit 3(1,100MW)  under periodic inspection
Unit 4(1,100MW)  under periodic inspection
Unit 5(1,100MW)  under periodic inspection
Unit 6(1,356MW)  will be under periodic inspection from March 26
Unit 7(1,356MW)  under periodic inspection

All 17 Units (total output: 17,308MW) will be out of operation from March 26.

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