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Press Release (Mar 15,2012)
Operation Suspension of Other Company's Thermal Power Station
We have been informed by Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. today that 
the Unit New 1 of Isogo Thermal Power Station (Yokohama City, Kanagawa 
Prefecture. Installed capacity: 600MW) was shut down at 6 am today due to 
the fact that the leakage of steam from the boiler's superheat attenuator 
was found. 
We have been informed that the investigation of the cause is currently 
underway and that they will implement repair work based on the result. 
Because the supply capacity for today is 45.9 GW, we expect that the 
reserve margin rate will be secured as around 9 %. 
Reference TEPCO's demand and supply outlook of today (March 15)
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