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Press Release (Mar 15,2012)
Conclusion of LNG Sale and Purchase Heads of Agreement with Brunei LNG Sendirian Berhad
                                          The Tokyo Electric Power Co, Inc.
                                                        Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
                                                        Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

The Tokyo Electric Power Co, Inc.("TEPCO"), Tokyo Gas Co.,Ltd.("Tokyo Gas"), 
and Osaka Gas Co.,Ltd.("Osaka Gas"),(hereafter "the Buyers") 
today concluded a Heads of Agreement ("HOA") with Brunei LNG Sendirian 
Berhad ("Seller") for the purchase of liquefied natural gas ("LNG").

LNG procurement from the Brunei LNG Project through a consortium formed by 
the Buyers has been ongoing since 1972. However, as the existing LNG sales 
and purchase contract valid from 1993 is set to expire on March 2013, in 
2010 the Buyers and Seller entered into a discussion to extend the contract 
and have reached a basic agreement that will allow the Buyers to purchase 
approximately 3.40 million tons of LNG per annum over a period of 10 years 
starting from April 2013. In accordance with this agreement, the Buyers and 
Seller will move forward with discussions to conclude a new LNG sales and 
purchase contract.

The Buyers and Seller have built a strong relationship spanning over 40 
years and this agreement will serve to maintain stable trade as well as 
contribute to the Buyers' stable procurement of LNG used for power 
generation and city gas production. 

From here on, the Buyers will work towards the stable and efficient 
procurement of fuels for power generation and feedstock for city gas in 
order to maintain a secure supply of energy. 
Appendix: Outline of HOA and Seller's Company Profile (PDF 40.3KB) 
Reference: Existing Sales and Purchase Contract Outline and Seller's 
           Company Profile (PDF 7.10KB)  
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