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Press Release (Sep 27,2010)
Eurus Energy to construct first mega solar power plant of 45MW in the USA
                                   Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation
                      The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated
                                           Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation ("Eurus Energy") will commence the 
construction of a world-class mega solar power plant with a total 
installed capacity of 45MW in California. Its commissioning is scheduled 
for June 2011.

As it is Eurus Energy Group's first mega solar project in the United 
States, all of the photovoltaic panels for the project will be supplied 
by Sharp Corporation, one of the most prestigious solar system 
manufacturers. All of electricity generated will be sold to Pacific Gas 
and Electric Company - the largest electric company in California - for 
20 years from the date of commissioning in accordance with a long-term 
electricity sales agreement signed in December 2009.

In the United States, and thirty seven states in particular, including 
California, the use of renewable energy sources is actively promoted 
through the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) in addition to the 
amplification of federal government subsidy plan. Against this backdrop, 
the market for solar photovoltaic power generation is expected to grow at 
an annual rate of about 40% for the foreseeable future.

As Japan's largest and one of the world's leading developer of wind 
farms, Eurus Energy Group currently operates 1,900MW of wind farms in six 
countries.  In 2008, Eurus Energy Group put a 1MW solar photovoltaic power 
plant into operation in South Korea, with an eye toward the exploding 
opportunities of solar electricity generation to contribute toward 
furtherance of its business activities and improvement of investment 
return, and for expectation to set a basis for the Group's development in 
this direction.
In February 2010, Eurus Energy Group made a capital increase of 25,000 
million yen through shareholders allotment to the Tokyo Electric Power 
Company, Incorporated ("Tokyo Electric") and Toyota Tsusho Corporation 
("Toyota Tsusho") in order to strengthen its financial basis. 

Tokyo Electric is committed to introduce zero-emission power sources 
actively as a part of its "2020 Vision". To achieve this goal, under the 
leadership of Eurus Energy Group will expand the use of wind, solar and 
other renewable energies both in Japan and overseas.

Toyota Tsusho identifies a business utilizing electric power and 
renewable energy as one of priority areas. In particular, Toyota Tsusho 
began to work on wind power generation business as early as in the second 
half of the 1980's and has established its present position. Toyota 
Tsusho will aggressively work on development of solar energy business to 
contribute to build a low carbon society from a global perspective.

An Overview of Eurus Energy's Mega Solar Project in USA (PDF 7.55KB)
Profile of Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation (PDF 16.0KB)
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