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Press Release (Jan 28,2010)
Capital Increase through Shareholders Allotment for Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation
                                                   Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation
                                      The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated
                                                           Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation ("Eurus Energy", President and CEO, Tetsuro Nagata) 
passed a resolution at the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting and Board of 
Directors meeting held on January 27, 2010 to make a capital increase of 25,000 million 
yen through shareholders allotment to the Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated 
("TEPCO", President, Masataka Shimizu) and Toyota Tsusho Corporation ("Toyota Tsusho", 
President, Junzo Shimizu), the existing shareholders of Eurus Energy, both of which 
will act as the subscribers.

It should be noted that there will be no change in their percent equity interests 
(TEPCO: 60%; Toyota Tsusho: 40%) in Eurus Energy due to the capital increase and the 
existing shareholders will acquire new shares according to their respective percent 
equity interests.

· Details of the capital increase through shareholders allocation 
  (Expected date of capital increase: February 15, 2010)

Eurus Energy as the largest Japanese and world leading wind power generation company has been engaged in wind power generation business in Europe, the United States and the Asian region up to the present. On the basis of the strengthening of its financial base to be caused by the upcoming capital increase through shareholders allocation, Eurus Energy will aim at improving a business expansion and profitability by working positively on photovoltaic power generation business as well as wind power generation business. TEPCO identifies a contribution to building up low-carbon society as one of its important management issues. The entire TEPCO group will make concerted efforts to press forward with the development and spread of renewable energy as well as provide support to Eurus Energy. Toyota Tsusho identifies a business making use of electric power and renewable energy as a priority area. In particular, Toyota Tsusho began to work on wind power generation business as early as in the second half of the 1980's and has established its present position. Toyota Tsusho will redouble its efforts to achieve continued growth.
Appendix: Profile of Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation (PDF 14.9KB)
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