Corporate Information

Press Release (Nov 29,2007)
Status of the Unit 5 in-core inspections (Phase 1&2) at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station
As for the Unit5, we have been conducting the in-core inspections
(Phase 1&2) since Nov.22nd.
At around 5:40 pm today, we found that the wedge of the No.1 jet 
pump* among 20 jet pumps was moved from the right position.  The 
wedge is fitted in from the above in order to prevent vibration of 
an inlet mixer during reactor operation.      

The jet pump inlet mixer never falls because it is fixed to a riser 
pipe by an upper beam, and the misalignment of the wedge has never 
cause no safety hazard.  
The unit 5 was under the periodical inspection and out of operation 
when the Earthquake occurred.

*Jet pump
A motionless-type pump without rotation parts for water circulation 
inside the reactor, using water pressured by a reactor recirculation 

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