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Press Release (Nov 29,2007)
Status of the Unit 3 turbine internal inspections at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station
As for the unit 3, we have been conducting internal inspections of
the low-pressure turbine (A) by opening its cover.

As a result of the inspection, we found wears (maximum about 6mm) at 
the edges of the rotor blades (shrouds of the 9th to 11th stage),
at the moisture separator blades (12th to 14th stage) and at the
base of the 9th rotor blade at about 10:20am on Nov.28th.
We suppose that they were caused by contact of the rotor blades and
the stator blades. We also found a wear (maximum about 5mm), which 
was also supposed to be made by contact, at the base of the stator 

We will consider repairing the contact points of the rotor blades
and stator blades. In addition, we will continue to inspect rotor
blades and stator blades of the high-pressure turbine.

The contact points above of the unit 3 were found at the same points
of the unit 4 which  we have already inspected.  The size and depth
of wear is quite similar to each other.

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