Corporate Information

Press Release (Nov 27,2007)
Status of the Unit 6 reactor in-core inspections
The two control rods at the unit 6 that could not be pulled out 
(announced on Nov. 25th) were successfully pulled out by 3pm today 
through the procedure ruled when facing this event. The procedure 
is to re-conduct normal pulling-out operation after normal pulling-
out operation and full insertion of control rods with the same 
water pressure of scram.

Removal of the fuel assemblies and pulling-out operation of control 
rods except the two have been finished in the morning of Nov. 26th. 
We will investigate the cause of the event.

A similar event happened at the unit 7 and was solved through the 
same procedure.  After conducting the investigation, we suppose that 
it was a transmit event caused by increase of friction resistance in 
the control rod drive mechanism (announced on Nov. 22nd). 
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