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Press Release (Nov 16,2007)
Forecast of Demand and Supply for This Winter
1. Forecast of Demand and Supply 
   The maximum demand for electricity is expected at 53.80 million kW for this winter.  
   To satisfy this demand, we expect that we will be able to ensure the supply capacity 
   of 56 .80 million kW for this winter, because it makes effort in ensuring the supply 
   capacity by the restarted operation and trial operation of our thermal power plants 
   being stoppe d under the long-term shut-down plan so as to add 2.40 million kW to 
   the monthly supply capacity in February when the reserve capacity is the smallest, 
   though Kashiwazaki-Kari wa Nuclear Power Station has been shut down under the 
   influences of Niigata-Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake.

<Additional supply capacity>•••Included in the monthly supply capcity as shown in the table above. Total: Max. 2.40 million kW (in February) ○ Thermal power plants restarted in operation as the additional supply capacity for this winter: • Yokosuka Thermal Power Station No.2 gas turbine (14.4 million kW: Light oil and city gas) ••• Restarted on September 11, 2007 • Goi Thermal Power Station No. 4 (26.5 million kW: LNG; Stopped under the long-term shut-down plan) ••• Scheduled to restart in operation within the middle to last period of December in 2007 ○ Thermal power plants under trial operation: • Kawasaki Thermal Power Station System No.1, 2nd shaft (50.0 million kW:LNG) ••• Started in trial operation on October 25, 2007 • Futtsu Thermal Power Plant System No.4, 1st shaft (50.7 million kW:LNG) ••• Scheduled to start in operation within the middle period of December in 2007 ○ Others • Increased output of power plants ••• Approx. 50.0 million kW • Purchase of electricity from other electric power companies ••• Approx. 30.0 million kW in December, and the Supply being adjusted for January and subsequent months • Purchase of electricity from In-house power generation ••• Approx. 70.0 million kW * The additional supply capacity in each month depends on the trial operation process. 2. Ask for the cooperation in Electricity Conservation In December and the subsequent months, we'll ask our customers such as companies and households to reduce their consumptions of electricity on the back of "monthly notice of electricity consumption" and by our visit and other activities.
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