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Press Release (Oct 01,2007)
Results of the Unit No. 1 in-core inspection at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station (Phase 2)
We conducted the in-core inspection in the unit No.1 of this power
station (Phase 2). 
Here, we report the results of the finalinspection as follows:

○  Period: Sep. 14th to Oct. 1st, 2007

○  Scope:
  • Upper part of reactor
   Reactor pressure vessel flange, guide rod, feedwater sparger, 
   core spray piping, core spray sparger, upper ring of shroud, and
   upper lattice plate

  •Middle part of reactor
   Core support plate, fuel support fittings, jet pump, low-pressure
   core injection piping, and local power range monitor

  •Equipment placed in the temporary equipment storage pool
   Steam dryer and steam separator

No abnormality such as damage, deformation or fall-out was detected
in the upper and middle parts of the reactor as well as the steam
dryer that had been removed and temporarily placed in the temporary
equipment storage pool for periodical inspection.
The steam separator, which had been temporarily placed in the temporary 
equipment storage pool for periodic inspection, as the steam dryer,
was inspected in September 27.
As a result, deformations were found in the legs (4 of 4) for
temporary storage and in the guide pins (2 of 2) for positioning the
steam separator in the reactor.  The legs for temporary storage and
guide pins are accessories that do not affect the functions and
structure of the steam separator.  Together with the deformations of
the legs for temporarily storage, flaws were also observed on the
surface of the floor in the temporary equipment storage pool.
However, no water leakage from these flaws was observed.

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