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Press Release (Sep 11,2007)
Technical Consulting on "Audit for Engineering, Factory Inspection, and Construction Process" in Singapore -Contributing to a Stable Power Supply in the General Resort Facilities Development Project-
The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated (TEPCO)  will provide technical 
consulting on the construction of power network facilities in Singapore.  
As of today, TEPCO has dispatched engineers to Singapore to begin work on 
this full-fledged operation. 

Singapore is now implementing a general resort facilities development project 
to promote tourism. Infrastructure construction and development are underway 
in the Bay area and in the city areas in Singapore. From 2009, general resort 
facilities will open in Marina Bay and on Sentosa Island.

A highly reliable power supply will be required for these general resort 
facilities upon completion. To deal with this situation, SP PowerGrid Ltd., 
a government-affiliated power transmission and distribution company, has 
commissioned the task of technical consulting to TEPCO based on our technical 
capabilities and experience.

During the design, manufacturing, and construction process, TEPCO technical 
consulting provides guidance and suggestions from the viewpoints of economy, 
safety, and reliability by reviewing specification, design, and procurement 
documents and through visual inspection in manufacturing plants and installation 

For this technical consultation, TEPCO will assign 11 engineers, including 
transformer engineers, underground cable engineers, and distribution engineers 
to Singapore from July 2007 until November 2008. TEPCO hopes this technical 
consultation will contribute to improving power supply reliability in the 
Republic of Singapore.

Through the development of overseas business opportunities, TEPCO concurrently 
promotes overseas generation and investment projects, as well as the consulting 
business, utilizing our technical capabilities and know-how, for continuing 
growth and development. TEPCO continues to promote overseas business to further 
contribute to progress in the world abroad. 
Appendix: Outline of Technical Consultation on "Audit for Engineering, 
          Factory Inspection, and the Construction Process" in Singapore(PDF 71.4KB)
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