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Press Release (Sep 03,2007)
Cooperation to Promote Energy Conservation in Brunei
Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) and the Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated 
(TEPCO) have agreed to cooperate in Brunei's "Energy Week*", a weeklong event 
to promote energy conservation that will commence Tuesday September 4th, 2007.

The Brunei government is presently taking active measures to promote the 
efficient use of natural resources and energy conservation. Since the 1970s, 
both MC and TEPCO have been involved in the import of LNG from Brunei, and 
have collaborated to advance energy conservation activities, such as through 
the dispatch of specialists in this area. When requested by the Brunei government 
to cooperate in the "Energy Week" event, both companies agreed to do so.

In conjunction with the "Energy Week" event, Brunei's energy ministry worked 
together with MC and TEPCO to produce a small booklet outlining tips on home 
energy conservation that fit in with the lifestyles of Brunei's citizens. 
This booklet is based on know-how compiled in the "Denkochan no naruhodo shoene! 
Nattoku BOOK (Denko-chan's Energy Saving Book)", which is published in Japan 

At a ceremony held today, attended specially by H.E. Pehin Dato Yahya, the 
Minister of Energy of Brunei Darussalam, both MC and TEPCO presented 10,000 
copies of the booklet. MC also presented 10,000 fluorescent light bulbs of 
a special energy-conserving design. During the "Energy Week" event, these light 
bulbs will be distributed to the citizens of Brunei, the intent being to urge 
more widespread conservation of energy in general households.
In addition, TEPCO will be dispatching an instructor to give lectures on 
energy conservation at a seminar to be held during the week.

Both MC and TEPCO remain committed to helping promote energy-saving activities 
in Brunei.

*Energy Week:
Event to be held by the government of Brunei from Tuesday, September 4th to 
Saturday, September 8th. Its purpose is to raise awareness amongst the people 
of Brunei with regard to concerns over depleting natural resources, the 
importance of energy, and efforts in energy conservation.
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