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Press Release (Aug 22,2007)
Beginning of generation of The Shiobara Power Station for Urgent and Temporary Use and Asking Our Customers for More Electricity Conservation
The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. (TEPCO) has been making
every effort to secure stable electricity supply by output increase
of hydro and thermal power units, purchases of electricity from other
electric power companies and self-generators, and so on.
In addition, today we asked some large industrial customers to reduce
the use of electricity.  The customers have contracts with TEPCO to
reduce the use of electricity when the balance of demand and supply
is tight.

We have also decided to start generation of the Shiobara Power
Station at 1 pm.  The Shiobara Power Station is a pumped storage
hydroelectric power station(Capacity: 900MW, located at 
Nasushiobara-shi, Tochigi prefecture) has been prepared to generate
for emergency situation , by pumping up water from the lower dam
(named Sabigawa Dam) to the upper dam (named Yashio Dam).

We apologize our customers for any inconveniences and worries and
sincerely ask cooperation for more electricity conservation.
Today's Forecast of Electric Demand and Supply
Demand Forecast: 61,500MW (2PM-3PM)
Supply Capacity: 63,700MW (including 900MW of Shiobara Power Station)

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