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Press Release (Aug 20,2007)
Forecast of Electric Demand and Supply (fifth report)
1. Forecast of Demand and Supply
   The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. (TEPCO) forecast maximum demand 
   of electricity this summer will be 61.1 million kW. All of the units of 
   the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station has been shut down but we 
   have made every effort and the total supply of electricity will be 62.75 
   million kW, which would secure the stable electric supply.
   (In case of ordinary summer: Assume the 10-year average of highest 
   temperature on the day of maximum demand recorded)

2. Measures to Secure Supply and Demand
< Emergency / Interim Measures to be Taken When Demand is Likely to Exceed Supply > Thanks to the understanding and cooperation by the parties interested, we received permission for the emergency and temporary use of Shiobara Power Station (900 thousand kW).
< Efforts taken to secure the stable supply > In case of ordinary summer, the supply would be enough to cover the demand. However, in case of the very severe summer, the demand would exceed the supply. In order to avoid such a case and to secure stable supply, we will exercise the measures below. (1) Continue to make efforts to get additional supply (2) Try to secure the stable supply even after the summer peak (3) Ask our customers to save electricity and try to reduce the demand in case of rapid increase of the demand
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