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Press Release (Aug 13,2007)
Commercial operation of all facilities at the Umm Al Nar Power and Water Project in Abu Dhabi, UAE begins
Today, the Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. ("TEPCO") and Mitsui & Co., 
Limited ("Mitsui") announce that the Arabian Power Company ("APC"), 
a project company, began commercial operation of a new natural gas advanced 
combined cycle plant and a desalination plant at the Umm Al Nar Power and 
Water Project in Abu Dhabi, UAE on July 21. APC is composed of TEPCO, Mitsui, 
International Power plc ("IPR"), and the Abu Dhabi Electricity and 
Water Authority (ADWEA).

Through the international bidding process offered by ADWEA in November 2002, 
APC acquired the existing Umm Al Nar project that consists of several thermal 
power plants with a generation capacity of 850MW and desalination facilities 
with a daily output of 750,000 tons of water. In addition, APC has been 
constructing several new expansion plants with a thermal generation capacity 
of 1,550MW and a desalination capacity of 110,000 tons of water per day. 

The new plant was constructed utilizing Advanced Combined Cycle (ACC) Technology, 
of which TEPCO has extensive operation and maintenance experience. Natural 
gas is supplied by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). 

All electricity and desalinated water will be purchased by the Abu Dhabi 
Electricity and Water Company (ADWEC), which is wholly-owned by ADWEA.

The existing and new facilities are operated and maintained by an operating 
company, ITM O&M Company Limited, which is owned 30% by TEPCO and 70% by IPR.

TEPCO trusts that through utilization of its technical expertise and O&M 
know-how, it will continue to develop investment in overseas businesses 
in a proactive manner for further growth.  

Mitsui will continue to enhance and develop its overseas power and water 
businesses as priority areas in the infrastructure investment activities 
under its overall group portfolio strategy to achieve the aims of "Mitsui′s 
Mid-Term Management Outlook".

Outline of the Project :

(1) Location:       Sas Al Nakhl Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE
                    (15km east of Abu Dhabi)
(2) Project Cost:   Approx. 250 billion yen ($2.1 billion)
(3) Capacity:       Existing Plant* - Power: 850MW / Water: 750,000t/day
                    New Plant - Power: 1,550MW / Water: 110,000t/day
(4) Plant Type:     Power: Advanced Combined Cycle (ACC) [New Facilities]
                    Water: Multi Stage Flush (MSF)
(5) Fuel:           Natural Gas
(6) Gas Supplier:   ADNOC (ADWEC purchases natural gas from the Abu 
                    Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC))
(7) Off-Taker:      Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Company (ADWEC)
(8) Term:           20 years from commercial operation of the new plant
(9) APC Sponsors:   ADWEA 60%, IPR 20%, TEPCO 14%, Mitsui 6%

* Some of the existing facilities will be closed for the commencement of 
  commercial operation of the entire facility. APC sells 2,200MW of electricity 
  and 650,000 tons of desalinated water per day to ADWEC.
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