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Press Release (Jul 12,2007)
TEPCO commits to participation in a new IPP business "The Star Buck Project" in Taiwan - TEPCO's third IPP project in Taiwan -
The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. (TEPCO) hereby announces participation 
in a new IPP business named "The Star Buck Project".
TEPCO has previously engaged in the IPP business in Taiwan, and this will be 
the third project following the successful Chang Bin and Fong Der projects.
This IPP project was originally awarded to the Taiwan Cogeneration Corporation*1 
(TCC) in the tender, which was solicited by the government of Taiwan in April 
2005. The content of the contract was to build the "Star Buck Thermal Power 
Station", a gas-combined cycle power plant with a generating capacity of 490MW 
in Changhua Province in the central part of Taiwan. Electricity will be sold 
exclusively to the Taiwan Power Company for 25 years from the date of commercial 
operation scheduled in 2009.
In August 2006, with 4 other companies including TCC, TEPCO signed a Joint Venture 
Agreement for the project and proceeded with further evaluation regarding precise 
conditions of participation in the project.
As a result, TEPCO officially decided to participate in the project by investing 
NT$ 750 million (approximately ¥3 billion) to acquire a 25% share of the project 
company, "Star Buck Power Corporation*2", and plans to dispatch engineers to 
facilitate management of the plant in regard to operation and maintenance. 
TEPCO will utilize its technical expertise and know-how regarding gas-combined 
cycle power plant through participation in the "The Star Buck Project", and 
expects to enjoy stable revenue under the power purchase agreement with the Taiwan 
Power Company. 
The project will move into the full-scale construction phase in order to commence 
commercial operation by July 2009 once approval from the appropriate authorities 
of the Taiwanese government is obtained (scheduled for August 2007). 
TEPCO is committed to continuing efforts toward overseas business to attain 
further growth and development by taking advantage of business opportunities abroad. 

*1 Taiwan Cogeneration Corporation
    Established:    1992
    Head Office:    Taipei
    Equity capital: 4.207 billion NT$(As of the end of Dec. 2006)
    Shareholders:   Taiwan Power Company                27% (Approx.)
                    China Development Industrial Bank   11% (Approx.)
                    Mega International Commercial Bank   6% (Approx.)
    Scope of business:
     •Planning, design, procuring, installing, construction management, and 
      budgeting of power stations, cogeneration plants, and transmission and 
      distribution facilities. 
     •Development of and investment in power stations and cogeneration plants. 
     •R&D of electric power and other energy related businesses, technical 
      assistance, consultancy service, importation and exportation of installments. 

*2 Star Buck Power Corporation
    Established:    August 29 , 2006
    Head Office:    Taipei
    Equity capital: 3 billion NT$ (Authorized)
    Shareholders:   Taiwan Cogeneration Corporation       
                    Tokyo Electric Power Company
                    (investing through a subsidiary company, TEPCO International B.V.)
                    China Development Industrial Bank       
                    Mega International Commercial Bank      
                    Sumitomo Corporation 
 Appendix:Outline of the IPP business "The Star Buck Project" in Taiwan (PDF 49.9KB) 
 Reference1:Overview of TEPCO's participations in the Chang Bin and Fong Der 
            IPP projects (PDF 40.7KB) 
 Reference2:Taiwan Electric Overview (PDF 46.9KB)
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