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Press Release (Jun 22,2007)
Handover of the Philippines' largest IPP business by full acquisition of Mirant Asia Pacific Limited stock
                         The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated
                                                   Marubeni Corporation

The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated ("TEPCO") and Marubeni 
Corporation ("Marubeni") (jointly the "Consortium") purchased all 
shares of Mirant Asia Pacific Limited ("MAPL"), the Philippines' 
largest IPP holding company, and as of today completed the acquisition 
process. As announced on December 11, 2006, the Consortium executed MAPL's 
Stock and Note Purchase Agreement with two subsidiaries of the Mirant 
Corporation, a US major IPP, and proceeded with transitional measures.

From now on, TeaM Energy Corporation*1 ("TeaM"), a special purpose 
company established by the Consortium in the Philippines, will contribute
to the stable electricity supply to the Metro Manila via long-term 
electricity purchase and fuel supply contracts with National Power 
Corporation, with approximately 20% of the generating capacity in the 
Luzon region, including Manila, the Philippine capital.

TEPCO trusts that, through utilizing its technical expertise and O&M 
know-how, it will be able to contribute to the Philippines' electricity 
sector. TEPCO continues to develop overseas investment business in a 
proactive manner for further growth.  

Marubeni identifies Overseas IPP as one of the top priority fields of 
investment, and expanding its global asset portfolio. By participation 
to this acquisition, Marubeni will strengthen its high presence as the 
largest IPP player in the market of Philippines, together with contributing 
to the development of power project which is an essential infrastructure 
in the country.

*1 TEPCO and Marubeni established CrimsonPower Holdings Company, Inc. 
   to acquire MAPL's shares. After the post-closing reorganization, TeaM 
   Energy Corporation will be a project company.

Reference:Outline of Power Plants
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