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Press Release (Apr 26,2007)
Establishment of Master Plan for Energy Conservation in the Power Sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - TEPCO to contribute to rational use of electric power in Saudi Arabia -
Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), entrusted by the Japan International 
Cooperation Agency (JICA), will establish a master plan for energy conservation 
in the power sector in Saudi Arabia. To this end, TEPCO will conduct a full-scale 
local study from May 8, 2007.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has experienced rapid population increase and 
economic growth, and accordingly it has seen a large increase in demand for 
electricity. If this demand for electricity continues at the current pace, 
there is a possibility that supply will not be able to keep up. Consequently, 
there is a pressing need to promote for an efficient use of electricity.

The Saudi Arabian government requested the Japanese government to establish 
this master plan, which involves assembling measures to improve the electricity 
consumption efficiency in Saudi Arabia. JICA selected TEPCO and Institute 
of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ) to do this work jointly.

In specific terms, TEPCO will study current situation such as the social 
economy and trends of energy supply and demand in Saudi Arabia, and establish 
the master plan, which will cover the period up to 2030, using Japan’s experience, 
knowledge, and advanced technical capability in energy conservation. Against 
this background, TEPCO will propose measures, systems, and basic policies 
to promote energy conservation, while presenting a number of specific measures. 
In this way, TEPCO will transfer technology, including raising the awareness 
of the Saudi Arabian people, and plans to put together a final report by 
August 2008.

Through these activities, TEPCO will further strengthen the systems, structures, 
and technical capabilities of the relevant parties in Saudi Arabia that concern 
energy conservation. Moreover, TEPCO hopes that in some way it will contribute 
to economic activities and the stable supply of electricity now and in the 

TEPCO is promoting its consulting business that uses its technical capabilities 
and know-how for further growth and development by discovering business 
opportunities overseas. TEPCO will continue to develop its overseas businesses 
so that it can contribute to the further development of overseas countries.
Outline of Master Plan for Energy Conservation in the Power Sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Power supply in Saudi Arabia
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