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Press Release (Mar 28,2007)
Revision of Year-end Dividend Forecasts (Dividend Increase) for the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2007
The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated (TEPCO) has announced 
that at the meeting of its Board of Directors held today (March 28, 2007), 
it was revolved to revise the company's previous forecast of the year-end 
dividend per share for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2007 (FY2006). 
The details are as follows.

1.Reasons for revising the dividend forecast

Under an increasingly severe operating environment, such as the progress 
of market liberalization, in order to be continuously chosen by customers, 
shareholders, and investors, TEPCO has been working to enhance its price 
competitiveness and improve its quality of service.  Additionally, the 
company seeks to increase profitability and improve the fragile balance 
sheet regarding them as important management issues.

As a result, the shareholders' equity ratio rose to 21.2% (non-consolidated basis) 
at the end of 31st December 2006.  If a certain amount of interest-bearing 
debt continues to be reduced, we envision reaching a shareholders' equity 
ratio of at least 25%, as set out in the "Management Vision 2010", ahead 
of schedule.
Therefore, based on the concept of profit sharing, TEPCO increases the 
amount of the year-end dividend per share for this fiscal period by 10 yen, 
from the previous forecast of 30 yen to 40 yen per share (annual dividend 
will be 70 yen). This revision will be proposed at the Ordinary General 
Shareholders Meeting to be held in June 2007.

From now on, TEPCO is fundamentally committed to maintaining a stable dividend 
and intends to achieve a consolidated payout ratio of 30% or higher.  
Therefore, company endeavors to meet the shareholders' expectations by 
distributing gains, while comprehensively considering factors including 
the company's performance and progress in improving its balance sheet.

2.Details of the revision
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