Gas Rate Plans

Applicable Customers

Please check the following before requesting service.

Applicable Conditions 1

Households located in Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture*1, Saitama Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture*2, Tochigi Prefecture, or Gunma Prefecture*3 that are using Tokyo Gas (city gas).

Customers who have switched their contract for Tokyo Gas to a different gas retailer from April 2017 onward are also applicable.

  • *1:

    Excluding the Yotsukaido 12A area (Inage Ward of Chiba City and Yotsukaido City)

  • *2:

    Excluding Hitachi City

  • *3:

    Limited to Ora-gun (Chiyoda-machi and Ora-machi)

Supply Area

Applicable Conditions 2

Must be contracted in a set together with an applicable electricity rate plan.

  • Standard S
  • Standard L


Gas Rate Plans

Customers who are under a new electricity rate plan can apply for a "Toku-Toku Gas Plan" with no change in their current electricity rate plan.

You can pay all your bills together!

Toku-toku gas plan

Rate Table

Rate Table Monthly Gas Usage Basic Rate (Yen/Month) Meter Rate (Yen/m³)
Table A From 0 m³ to 20 m³ 736.23 yen 140.94 yen
Table B From over 20 m³ to 80 m³ 1,024.32 yen 126.54 yen
Table C From over 80 m³ to 200 m³ 1,195.04 yen 124.40 yen
Table D From over 200 m³ to 500 m³ 1,835.24 yen 121.20 yen
Table E From over 500 m³ to 800 m³ 6,103.24 yen 112.67 yen
Table F Over 800 m³ 12,078.44 yen 105.20 yen

Calculation Example

The monthly gas rate is calculated by adding the meter rate calculated according to the amount of gas used to the basic rate determined according to the amount of gas used.
A raw materials cost adjustment will be added to or subtracted from the meter rate according to changes in raw material prices.

Calculation Formula

  • *

    The charge for consumption tax and similar costs is calculated at 10/110 of the gas rate (fractions less than one yen are omitted).

  • *

    The unit prices of the raw materials cost adjustment will be notified on the TEPCO website or by other means.

  • *

    Customers using the Toku-Toku Gas Plan will receive a 5% Start Discount (sales campaign) on the total cost of the basic and meter rates calculated based on usage for one month for a period of one year. However, the actual period for which the discount is applied may be less than one year if applied when gas usage started (or was canceled) regardless of the customer's specified meter reading date.

  • *

    The Gas Set Discount is applicable to customers using the Toku-Toku Gas Plan (excluding customers who have only entered into a contract for the Power Plan). 102 yen will be deducted monthly from the amount of the electricity plan you have contracted for (excluding the Power Plan) together with the Toku-Toku Gas Plan. However, the daily discount may be calculated according to the number of days of use.

  • *

    Customers will be informed of the monthly gas rate, amount of gas used, and other important customer information by a printed bill that also includes electricity information.

  • *

    TEPCO generally requests you to pay your gas bill together with electricity bill in a single payment by bank transfer or credit card.

  • *

    Customers wishing to receive a paper meter reading card will generally be charged 110 yen (tax included)/month as an issuance fee. However, this will be provided free of charge until TEPCO's Internet services are made available. There will also be no charge for paying your electricity and gas bills together.

  • *

    A charge of 220 yen (tax included)/month will generally be charged as an issuance fee if you wish to pay by use of a bank transfer form. However, there will be no charge for paying your electricity and gas bills together.

What is the raw materials cost adjustment system?

In order to promptly reflect changes in the price of the raw materials of gas (liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)), this system automatically adjusts gas rates monthly in accordance with such changes.

Structure of the raw materials cost adjustment system

  • The monthly average raw materials prices for LNG and LPG are calculated separately based on the prices of three-month trade statistics.
  • The calculated average raw material prices (actual) and standard raw materials prices are compared to obtain a margin of difference based on which the raw materials cost adjustment unit price is calculated and then reflected in the gas rates.
Kanto area
(Excluding some regions)
Gas Supply/Demand Agreement (Japanese) PDF(1535KB)
Toku-Toku Gas Plan (Japanese) PDF(505KB)
Toku-Toku Gas Floor Heating Plan (Japanese) PDF(334KB)
Start Discount (Japanese) PDF(206KB)


AHousehold customers whose home is in the Kanto supply area and have a contract with Tokyo Gas, and use electricity in the same location must use the same payment method for payment of their gas contract with TEPCO as they are using for the new electricity rate plan (Premium S or L, Standard S or L, etc.) according to their electricity contract with TEPCO.

The aim of this condition requiring this set of a TEPCO gas contract together with a new electricity rate plan is that customers who have selected a new electricity rate plan (Premium S or L, Standard S or L, etc.) after liberalization will be able to immediately feel the advantages of these new plans.

Customer Inquiries

Inquiries regarding rate plans

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